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Definition: The Denavit and Hartenberg notation gives a standard Methodology to write the kinematic equations of a manipulator. When there are a series of manipulators being operated, a matrix can be used to express the positions and orientation of a body in respects to another body. This Expression that is being described by The Homogeneous Transformation can be called an A matrix.

How to derive an A matrix: A sequential frame (n-1), where n is the notated by rotations and translations

                   //Figure 1: Denavit-Hartenberg parameters notated along bodies//

==== How to Assign reference frames: ====


**How to assign reference frames to HDT arm:**

1. Perform Steps 1-4 for the Standard frame followed by each sequential frame (body) designed for rotation. 2. Measure lengths and θ offsets of each frame. Chart data for DH parameters 3. Translate Parameters to DH notation

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