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 [[sherbert_ni_vision_patern_recognition|NI Vision Pattern Recognition]]\\ ​ [[sherbert_ni_vision_patern_recognition|NI Vision Pattern Recognition]]\\ ​
-[[sherbert_ni_vision_image_aquisition|NI Vision ​Inage Aquisition]]\\ +[[sherbert_ni_vision_image_aquisition|NI Vision ​Image Acquisition]]\\ 
 [[sherbert_ni_vision_image_overlays|NI Vision Image Overlays]]\\ ​ [[sherbert_ni_vision_image_overlays|NI Vision Image Overlays]]\\ ​
 [[sherbert_ni_vision_assistant|NI Vision Assistant]]\\ ​ [[sherbert_ni_vision_assistant|NI Vision Assistant]]\\ ​
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