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 +====== Running the Tutorials for Darwin-OP ======
 +Make sure you are inside the tutorial directory 1st. IF you are not inside it use the following command to cd into it. 
 +  cd /​darwin/​Linux/​project/​tutorial/​
 +Every directory/​folder inside the tutorial does a different task with the Darwin. You can run the tutorial by going into the folder and running the executable. ​
 +For example if you want to run the read_write program
 +  cd /​darwin/​Linux/​project/​tutorial/​read_write
 +  make
 +  sudo ./​read_write
 +Here the 1st line takes you into the read_write directory, in the 2nd line you build the file using the make command. the 3rd line is where you run the executable file that was generated after building the file.  when you run the 3rd line you will be prompted for the password, so enter the password to see what happens when you run the file.  ​
 +The read/write program reads the angular values of the 3 arm joins of the right hand and moves the left hand respectively. Try moving the right arm to realize what happens
 +You can similarly try the other programs and run them and see what happens.
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