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 The model is then sized and sliced accordingly. The model is then sized and sliced accordingly.
-The fabrication methods are similar to that of the T-Rex. A laser cutter is used again to cut out the pieces.+The fabrication methods ​can be found here: [[fabrication_methods_schedules_and_other_related_content|Fabrication Methods, Schedules, and Other Related Content]] 
 +Here are some pictures ​of Bugdroid being cut and assembled
 {{:​bas-img_3550.jpg|}} {{:​bas-img_3550.jpg|}}
 {{:​bas-img_3549.jpg|}} {{:​bas-img_3549.jpg|}}
-The pieces, both large and small are then glued together. 
 {{:​bas-img_3564.jpg|}} {{:​bas-img_3564.jpg|}}
 {{:​bas-img_3562.jpg|}} {{:​bas-img_3562.jpg|}}
 {{:​bas-img_3561.jpg|}} {{:​bas-img_3561.jpg|}}
 Here the smaller one is put together. Here the smaller one is put together.
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