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Many of the parts from this project could be ordered from a wide variety of retailers, but here are the ones that I found the most useful and cost-efficient for the time frame of my project:

1. Speakers. These need to be the same size as the PVC elbows that are ordered, 3“ seems to be the best size to use. Need 2 of these.
2. Clear PVC. This is the cheapest retailer I found for cut PVC, any other site makes you buy 10' at a time. 1'-8” sections are ideal. Need 2 sections.
3. PVC Flanges. These are to stand up the pipe, and to allow airflow through the bottom of the pipe. Need 2 of these.
4. PVC elbow. 45 degree elbows are ideal for sound projection. Need 2 of these.
5. Audio Binding Posts. These are both high quality and cost-efficient. Need 2 sets of these.
6. Conduit. This is really just for hiding the wiring on the PVC, any kind of tube will do, but this is cheap and easy to cut. Need about 3.5' total.
7. Red LEDs. These are some of the brightest LEDs you can find, and they come from Adafruit, so they are trusted. Come in packs of 25, one pack per color is more than enough.
8. Green LEDs. Note: you can choose any combination of colors for the LEDs, I just found this combination the most interesting.
9. Blue LEDs.
10. Stereo Amplifier. This a cheap alternative to buying a fancy amplifier, and it gives the opportunity to learn a bit about how sound and electricity work together!
11. AUX Cord. This is for hooking up the amp. to a phone or computer.
12. Power supply. This is for powering the amp.
13. Perfboard. This is for wiring the optional circuit to provide more power to the LEDs.
14. Speaker wire. This is great wire for anything involving high-fidelity sound.
15. Custom circuit wiring - these are components used to make the circuit to provide more power to the LEDs. I had most of this stuff lying around the shop, however if you do not, these components can be obtained through any electronics retailer (online or instore):
Snaps for 9V battery (2+)
9V batteries (2+)
Transistors, NPN, TIP31 type (2)
Resistors, 100 ohm (2)
Switch, on-off toggle(optional)

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