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 ===== Testing ===== ===== Testing =====
 +Once you have deployed your app, you are ready to start testing with your Hue bridge and Hue lights. To do this, simply connect to the same WiFi network as the Hue bridge, and start the app. The app will then walk you through the process of pairing the Hue bridge to the app. After this process is done, your app will be paired with that Hue bridge as long as you are connected to the network. ​
 +Now, simply use the Random Lights button to change the color of the Hue lights at random. This is ajust a simple sample app that demonstrates the basic functionality of the Hue API. From here, we can then develop our own app to suit our needs. To do this, follow the steps outlined on the [[https://​​documentation/​java-multi-platform-and-android-sdk|Java SDK]] page. Alternatively,​ you could use the sample code as a starting point for your own app, as it is freely open to build upon.
 +For questions, clarifications,​ etc, Email: <​[email protected]>​
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