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 =====Running Opencv using ROS===== =====Running Opencv using ROS=====
-<!-- Replace the above line with the name of your "How To" Tutorial e.g. How to Laser cut Your Name in Wood --> 
-<!-- Everywhere you see <some sentence>,​ replace it with the answer (be concise), and remove the < and > brackets --> 
 **Author:** <Brandon Seo> Email: <​[email protected]>​ <!-- replace with your email address --> **Author:** <Brandon Seo> Email: <​[email protected]>​ <!-- replace with your email address -->
 \\ \\
-**Date:** Last modified on <MM/DD/YY>+**Date:** Last modified on <08/19/19>
 \\ \\
 **Keywords:​** <Ros, Tutorial, CMakeLists, step-by-step>​ **Keywords:​** <Ros, Tutorial, CMakeLists, step-by-step>​
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