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-Mount the rods

1. Drill out the servo arm to the diameter of a coat hanger(or iron wire you prepared). If you don't have the right shape, cut different arms to make the similar.

2. Turn on the transmitter, make the right stick center. That means, you are going to control the servo to the initial mode. So you can make precise adjustment for elevons.

3. Attach both servo arms as close to 90 deg as possible and add their retaining screws.

4. Straight the coat hanger(or iron wire), then bend it to creat a U-shaped hook, then adapt it in the servo arms

5. Cut two 1 and 1/2“*2 and 1/2 from corrugated plastic sheet.

6. Use the pliers to make a 90 deg bend in each rod, just after of the hinge, bending toward the center of the frame.

7. Force the end of the rods through the inside of the corrugated plastic sheet you just cut, to create two control horns. Lay the airframe flat and attach each horn to its elevon with two Zip ties.

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