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 {{:​mmuav_8_.jpg?​300|}} {{:​mmuav_8_.jpg?​300|}}
 {{:​mmuav_9_.jpg?​300|}} {{:​mmuav_9_.jpg?​300|}}
 +- Inside of the servo motor box, you can see 2 brackets. Use scissors to cut one of the edge side, then connect them to the servo motor.
 +- Put drill on each hole on the plate, drill the bigger for the M2*25mm screws.
 +{{:​mmuav_11_.jpg?​300|}} ​
 +- Place servomotors on the Bottom plate, put M2*25mm screws from the bottom, then cover them with Nylon unthreaded spacers. ​
 +- Put the top plate, then fix it with M3 Nyloc nuts.
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