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Isogawa's LEGO Power Functions Idea Book Machines and Mechanism Volume 1 (201-250)

Author: Paul Oh Email:
Date: Last modified on 03/16/19
Keywords: Isogawa, LEGO, Power Functions, Mechanisms, Build Plans, Solid Works

In 2015, No Starch Press published Yoshihito Isogawa's “The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book” with Volume 1 being on Machines and Mechanisms. Like his previous books, this one features a LEGO parts list and photos of his creations. The set of photos capture key viewing angles. By careful examination, one can recreate his builds.

Unlike a traditional step-by-step LEGO build plan, Isogawa's photo-based approach often demands power of observation. This has merit; studying the photos requires one to reflect on steps. This leads to better appreciation of part selection, connections, and positioning. Through practice, one can eventually master their own LEGO building skills and the goal of his books.

Step-by-step build plans can also help develop one's skills. By contrast, such plans reduce build time and thus has merit. Videos of the mechanisms in action would also be useful; one can decide to build or not. Lastly, CAD-based construction (e.g. Solidworks) allows one to construct the LEGO mechanisms virtually. The net effect is that this page uses Isogawa's book as a reference, but features step-by-step build plans, videos, and Solidworks models.

201 201_photo.jpg 201_Youtube 201_Solidworks 201_studiobuildplan.pdf 201_solidworksparts.rar
202 202_photo.jpg 202_Youtube 202_Solidworks 202_studiobuildplan.pdf 202_solidworksparts.rar
203 203_photo.jpg 203_Youtube 203_Solidworks 203_studiobuildplan.pdf 203_solidworksparts.rar
204 204_photo.jpg 204_Youtube 204_Solidworks 204_studiobuildplan.pdf 204_solidworksparts.rar
205 205_solidworks 205_studiobuildplan.pdf
206 206_photo.jpg 206_Solidworks 206_studiobuildplan.pdf 206_solidworksparts.rar
207 207_photo.jpg 207_Solidworks 207_studiobuildplan.pdf 207_solidworksparts.rar
208 208_photo.jpg 208_Solidworks 208_studiobuildplan.pdf 208_solidworksparts.rar
209 209_photo.jpg 209_Solidworks 209_studiobuildplan.pdf 209_solidworksparts.rar
210 210_photo.jpg 210_Solidworks 210_studiobuildplan.pdf 210_solidworksparts.rar
211 211_photo.jpg 211_Solidworks 211_studiobuildplan.pdf 211_solidworksparts.rar
212 212_photo.jpg 212_Solidworks 212_studiobuildplan.pdf 212_solidworksparts.rar
213 213_photo.jpg 213_solidworks 213_studiobuildplan.pdf
214 214_photo.jpg 214_Solidworks 214_studiobuildplan.pdf 214_solidworksparts.rar
215 215_photo.jpg 215_Solidworks 215_studiobuildplan.pdf 215_solidworksparts.rar
216 216_solidworks 216_studiobuildplan.pdf
217 217_photo.jpg 217_Solidworks 217_studiobuildplan.pdf 217_solidworksparts.rar
218 218_photo.jpg 218_Solidworks 218_studiobuildplan.pdf 218_solidworksparts.rar
219 219_photo.jpg 219_Solidworks 219_studiobuildplan.pdf 219_solidworksparts.rar
220 220_photo.jpg 220_Youtube 220_Solidworks 220_studiobuildplan.pdf 220_solidworksparts.rar
221 221_photo.jpg 221_Youtube 221_Solidworks 221_studiobuildplan.pdf 221_solidworksparts.rar
222 222_photo.jpg 222_Youtube 222_Solidworks 222_studiobuildplan.pdf 222_solidworksparts.rar
223 223_photo.jpg 223_Youtube 223_Solidworks 223_studiobuildplan.pdf 223_solidworksparts.rar
224 224_photo.jpg 224_Youtube 224_Solidworks 224_studiobuildplan.pdf 224_solidworksparts.rar
225 225_photo.jpg 225_Youtube 225_Solidworks 225_studiobuildplan.pdf 225_solidworksparts.rar
226 226_photo.jpg 226_Youtube 226_Solidworks 226_studiobuildplan.pdf 226_solidworksparts.rar
227 227_youtube 227_solidworks 227_studiobuildplan.pdf
228 228_youtube 228_solidworks 228_studiobuildplan.pdf
231 231_youtube 231_solidworks 231_studiobuildplan.pdf
233 233_youtube 233_solidworks 233_studiobuildplan.pdf
235 235_youtube 235_solidworks 235_studiobuildplan.pdf
238 238_youtube 238_solidworks 238_studiobuildplan.pdf
244 244_youtube 244_solidworks 244_studiobuildplan.pdf
250 250_youtube 250_solidworks 250_studiobuildplan.pdf
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