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Week 8

What I learned in Korea

This week I took a trip to Jeju Island to meet up with Dongbin. His father has a vacation house on the island and was having a family reunion. In Jeju I learned more about what Koreans do on their vacations. What I learned on this trip was how seriously Koreans take hospitality. I have visited Dongbin and every time I did I found myself not allowed to help him in any way. I was to only sit back and relax. I had thought that this was his way of showing hospitality but after meeting a lot of his family I now know that this is how his family treats guests. I have only been invited to a Korean friends home twice but both experience have been similar.

Project status

I was able to finish up the last bits of the tutorials that I had trouble with. I was finally able to add the tutorials on how to set up the simple navigation examples that came with the podo example folder. With this I am done with all of the tutorials that I needed to finish while at KAIST. I now plan on moving on and working on some tutorials on PODO and ALs that would encompass all that I have learned from the other students at KAIST. I also want to get a head start on the work that I need to do once back in Las Vegas.

Photo of the week

This is a picture that Dongbin, his sister, and I took at the top of Hala mountain. This is the tallest mountain in Korea and was an 8 hour hike. This hike really help hit home the idea that doing a little bit every day over time can accomplish great things. It's not about doing as much as you can but to do it constantly.

What I learned about myself

I learned that even if I am not the fastest person in my group I will not fail even if I fall behind. I will continue to plod on until I reach my goal.

New People I met this week

This week I met all of Dongbin's family on his fathers side.

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