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Week 4

What I learned in Korea

This week I went to Seoul for two days. It was a school sponsored trip and was completely planned out with different activities for us every hour or so. This was the first time since I landed in Korea that I learned about the countries history. We stopped at a couple museums, one about pre-Korean war history and the other about modern Korean history. It was here that I learned a lot about why people act in certain ways. Because the Korean war was such a recent occurrence many parents see the importance of education. With top schools even causing the creation of expensive areas in Seoul. Also I learned of the deep distrust that people have with the government. We also visited the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone), where we watched propaganda videos and speeches about the relation between North and South Korea. With the main message being about unification. When I asked Koreans I knew about it they all laughed and scoffed at the idea, saying that it was just for the tourists. I also saw a demonstration for the investigation of a sinking vessel, with middle school students on it. The government was slow to respond to the accident and were too late to rescue some of the children on board. Then they failed to investigate into the events that caused the delay. So the parents and family members of the deceased children have been protesting for the last 2 years for a proper investigation into the incident. This week I was able to learn a lot about the political landscape in Korea.

Project status

This week was spent learning and coding in PODO (the program used to code HUBO). We have been learning how the software works, how to use it, and different methods of trouble shooting. As both of us are not the best versed in coding we have been learning through trial and error. We have also been given homework to work on to better further our understanding of the inner workings of PODO. First we have to make a motor move a set degree in a specific time, both of which is given by the user. Then we have to make a program that moves the motor in a sinusoidal pattern. The user is supposed to give the amplitude, frequency, and time. Finally I made a trapezoidal velocity to time motion. This last one was the hardest as I had to learn online and from other lab members how to create the correct equations to do this. The user was supposed to supply the max amplitude (velocity), max acceleration, and time.

Photo of the week

This is a photo I took of the Royal Palace in Seoul from the top of the museum.

What I learned about myself

On the Seoul trip I new no one. I was the only student from UNLV to join the trip. I thought that I would have a hard trying to meet new people in such a short span, but I was able to force myself to talk to the others. Up to now I had been able to meet new people in an environment that encouraged it (the language exchange). But the trip didn't have that in mind, rather than to see as many things in Seoul as possible in 2 days. This helped me boost my confidence more in putting my self out there to meet new people.

New People I met this week

This week I met Honey. She was out tour guide in Seoul and had a lot of information about the city's and country's history. She was also helpful in learning about the political landscape and day to day occurrences in Korea.

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