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 ==== New Korean ==== ==== New Korean ====
-This week, our Lab ManagerDongbinvisited Leonard ​and me at KAISTDongbin introduced us to one of his underclassmenwho is currently working at Aerospace Engineering Lab at KAIST. He is currently working with the design of missilesDongbin and him shared many of their old story and memories ​with us +This week, I was busy with my project and did not have the opportunity to meet a new Korean outside of Hubo Lab. HoweverI was able to meet a Chinese student currently working in Korea. Her name is Ajiu, and she studied ​at Chungnam National UniversityI met her inside a cellphone service store where she works. She was extremely helpful with setting up the cellphone service for me. I learned from her that a lot of Chinese students study Chungnam Universitywhich is right next to KAIST, because there is a language school in the UniversityI have the opportunity to talk with her in Chinese, which was a nice change of pace.
 ==== Korean Cultural Insight ==== ==== Korean Cultural Insight ====
 +The most popular sport in Korea is football, or soccer as we call them in U.S.. The second most popular sport is baseball. However, football is clearly the most popular sports. The excitement surrounding football is especially high during our stay in Korea because it was during the 2018 World Cup held in Russia. Many KAIST students and Hubo Lab members know how to play football and pay close attention to the World Cup. 
 ==== What I Learned about Myself ==== ==== What I Learned about Myself ====
 +This week, the Hubo Lab members invited me and Leo for a football game. The lab members rented a small football field for a hour and half and I was able to enjoy an exciting soccer game. This is the first time that I played soccer. Regardless, it was still an fun experience for me. I always considered myself an indoor type, however, playing the soccer game showed me how exciting and fun sports can be. I really love the cooperative aspect of football game, where the teammates have to work together, pass the ball each other, in order to score a goal. By the end of game, I even tried to take a couple of shot at the goal myself. I look forward to play more sports in the future.
 ==== Project Status ==== ==== Project Status ====
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