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Yu Hang He IRES 2018 Journal

Author: Yu Hang He, Email:
Date Last Modified: 06/18/2018

Week 1

Photos of the Week

Before meeting members of the Hubo Lab, I felt a bit nervous and lost. However, my hesitation immediately dissipated after the Hubo members warmly welcomed Leonardo and me. I was pleasantly surprised by their hospitality. The lab culture at the Hubo Lab reminds me of our own culture at DASL. The Hubo members invited Leonardo and me to a backyard BBQ after the tour and we spent an enjoyable evening with food, drinks, and conversation.

New Korean

I met two graduate students studying electrical engineering in front the KAIST library. Their name is DongSun and MunHee. They have no problem with conversing in English with me. The two students are researching on the topic of radio frequency and circuit board. We enjoyed a nice conversation where they ask about American culture and I ask them about Korean culture. I found that most Koreans are fascinated with American culture.

Korean Cultural Insight

During my first week in Korea, I visited Korean National Folk Museum in Seoul and Daejeon Museum of Art. I learned that Koreans have a deep appreciation of their traditional cultures. In addition, I was surprised to found out how much Chinese cultures impacted ancient Korean culture. Calligraphy is a form of art that is deeply appreciated in many Asian countries and Korea is no exception. In Daejeon Museum of Art, there is a whole section dedicated to calligraphy. The writings are composed of both Korean characters and traditional Chinese characters.

What I Learn about Myself

Since this is the first I travel, I learn that I quite enjoy traveling and sight seeing. Especially, I like to learn more about different cultures and traditions. I also discovered that nightlife does not appeal to me personally.

Project Status

During the first week at Hubo Lab, I was given a brand new Intel Nuc kit because my laptop is not powerful enough. With the help of Hubo lab members I was able to install memory, SDD, ubuntu OS, Xenomai, QT, and Choreonoid on the PC. The Xenomai, QT and Choreonoid will allow to simulate Hubo 2 on the computer. I also learn how to add new features to the PODOGUI.

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